September 25, 2008


Alien Delon - Intro Live
Crystal Waters - She's Homeless (Dub)
Dust Man - King Of The Ghetto (Dub)
Cellophane Brain - Gimme Love (Italian Version)
Arkanoid - No Problem (Criminal Drumbox Mix)
Dave Barker - Strange Creatures
Freestyle Express - Freestyle
Soft Cell - Memorabillia
Pookey Blow - Get Up And Go To School (Dub)
Rik DeLisle - Radio Waves
Tony Wilson - Hangin' Out In Space (Dub)
Patrick Cowley - Invasion
Adal Scandy Super Band - Piranha (Instrumental)
X-Visitors - Hokey Pokey (Long Version)
The Megatrons - Rock The Planet
Tantra - Wishbone
X-Ray Vision - Video Control
Verycheri - 69 Cancer Sign
CD III - Success (Instrumental)

1 коммент.:

Anonymous said...

Ilya - molodets, ohuitel'niy mix!!!
Sizhu i kolbashus' na stule pered kompom ;)