October 24, 2008

Одна из лучших итало-диско пластинок в моем списке. Автор - Maurice Cavalieri скрывается за многими итальянскими релизами того времени.. (Charlie - Spacer Woman например) Здесь есть все что нужно для настоящего итало фанатика - очень футуристичный и современный бит (808), космические синтезаторы, рэп и power vocal, скретчи и хорошие тексты.
На обратной стороне музыканты благодарят группу (!) Krafwert (видимо с немецким у итальянцев совсем плохо) и предлагают "отправится в новое приключение по миру электрического танца"
С удовольствием!

I.M.S. - Dancing Therapy

I.M.S. - Vanity Rap

I.M.S. - 405 North

I.M.S. - Freeze Rock

I.M.S. - The B-Generation

I.M.S. - Love Games

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dario.zg said...

One of the Best I.M.S: tracks is ,of course for me, "An English"! Very powerfull instrumental track!

Take care & keep on!

Bye & regards,

dario.zg aka I-D-F

the saucer people said...

Thought someone may like a rip of the first International Music System album from 1983 as it is worth hearing both albums back to back to truly get just how ahead of the game they were.

320 MP3 rip no password:


To be honest I find much of the work of Maurice Cavalieri kinda bland (apart from 'Charlie' of course!) though some of the earlier material he did with Sangy as Firefly is ok and a couple of Ago tracks are ok as well.

I know Saltyka & Friends blog did a huge post with loads of Maurice Cavalieri & Sangy tracks...

ısǝuɐıqɐɟ said...

I've just downloaded the first IMS album from 1983 (from the link supplied by "the saucer people".) Frequency analisys reveals that these tracks are FAKE 320 MP3. Frequencies are cut above 16 kHz, which implies the files were inflated from 128 or 160 kbps MP3s. The process of inflating low bitrate MP3 files is very common, but it doesn't improve sound quality. It's like enlarging a 100x100 pixel picture to 5000x5000. You would just get a larger file, but not a clearer image. The same happens with audio files.