April 7, 2010

Всем привет!
Я не мог удержаться, чтобы не сделать edit на Альберто Радиуса :)
Он как всегда больше похож на ремикс -
я недавно в сотый раз пересмотрел фильм Liquid Sky,
и так случилось что друг Костров
дал мне позаписывать его ритм-бокс Roland CR68.
(почти такой-же как у чувихи из "Me and my rhythm box")
Драм секция в ре-едите как раз с него..
Ну и еще я убрал все куплеты..
Я выложу альбом целиком завтра, а пока слушайте что получилось!

Marrakech Orchestra - Jeu A Deux (Alien Delon "Liquid Sky" Edit)

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the saucer people said...

Federico And Marrakech Orchestra, thats what we are talking about! I first came across the 1983 Cashbah Boogie track through the amazing Mr Flemming Dalum (like a lot of us I imagine) and followed the tube through to this, the flip side...I always thought that one day somebody would do a re-edit, I am just glad it someone like Alien Delon at the controls because the results speak for themselves...classic italo-disco sprinkled with 21st Century dancefloor aesthetics, what more could you feet want!

the saucer people said...

I forgot to add, lets give the very few people who ever read the comments a present: the entire album from 1983 which in addition to the original Jeu A Deux track has the wonderful 'Cashbah Boogie' and 'Banana' track (also crying out for a re-edit!)...I think its time for some eighties arabic-themed italo-disco (and yes the last track is awful, its on for completeness sake only!)
Actually you could call it a gift from the alien and the saucer people!


Alien Delon said...

Hi man!
Thanks for your comments and a full album!
But since i have a full LP myself (bought it from my friend Basso) - i want to post my fav's on a separate message (and in my slightly different rip) :)
Just can't leave a blog without that funny artwork!