April 19, 2010

Продолжаем тему ориентальной диско
музыки для конченых фриков!
Римейк классической (греческой?) народной песни
Darladi Ladada в исполнении Тани (вроде это таже Таня, что и на знаменитом итало релизе от Trilogy) и арранжированой Teenen Ali.
Судя по сообщениям на дискогс - эта вещь была очень
востребована на Hi-Nrg танцполах 80-х и диджеи не знали
где ее достать, т.к. она была издана ограниченным тиражом на
канадском лейбле Ali Baba Records.
Bootleg лейбл Time Records даже издал ее
дабы удовлетворить аппетиты диджеев! Собственно
сингл очень интересно спродюсирован - не каждый диджей
сможет свести настолько кривой трек!
Я очень люблю разбирать треки на составляющие и пытаться
понять КАК они сделаны, но этот трек до сих пор
остается для меня загадкой!
Много супер перкуссий, невероятный синти бит,
веселый аналоговый бас и еще куча всего!
Кстати нигде в интернете не слышал вторую
сторону пластинки, пока ее не купил :)
Continue the oriental disco vibe for the last freaks!
It's a remake of classic (greek?) theme by Tanya
(is this that Tanya from famous italo release by Trilogy?),
arranged by Teenen Ali. According to reports on discogs - this track has been in a great demand by 80's Hi-Nrg dancefloors, and many of DJ's
didn't know where to get it, since this single was pressed in a
limited amounts on a
small canadian label - Ali Baba Records.
Even the bootleg label Time Records has released it to satisfy the DJ's appetites.
The single itself has a very interesting production!
Not every DJ could mix a so rhytmicaly unstraight track!
I'm really like to disassemble tracks on it's contains and try to
understand HOW they are made -
but this track remains a mystery to me.
A lot of cool percussions, amazing synthie beat,
funny analog bass and a lot more!!
By the way - the second side is a kinda exclusive -
you will not find it anywhere else!

Tanya - Darladi Ladada

Tanya - Darladi Ladada (Version)

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Breeeze said...

Классный блог!!!
Большое спасибо за музыку...
Добавил ваш блог в свой блогролл...

Alien Delon said...

Сделаю то-же самое :)

the saucer people said...

Its a rare beautiful joyful sunny morning here in England and I am jumping 'n' pumping around my room to these two tracks, they are both just so infectious and life affirming...I love both tracks but its the 'version' that is really making my arms and legs twitch...I am a sucker for handclaps, catchy choruses and man, when that eric clapton style guitar kicks in!!! I cannot believe this was made in 1982, it sounds so 'new'...I have a feeling this one will be posted on quite a few blogs!

PS> Great time for music at the moment, you checked out the new Time & Space Machine album yet? "Set Phazers To Stun"? Absolutely jaw-dropping in its neo-psychedelic freak out majesty. If you cannot get a copy, it's doing the rounds as a rip.....


Also you heard the Neu!86 12 Inch? It was released for one day in a run of 1000 copies for "record day"...the two tracks are from the Neu!4 1985/86 album but Michael Rother has re-edited the tracks (actually he has re-edited the whole album which is coming out as part of a box set next month)...anyway, check it out, well worth a listen:


If you are going to share amazing music, I think everyone who benefits should share something in return!

Basto said...

Hi, your blog is very nice !

Merci beaucoup pour toutes les découvertes ^^

lol said...

niceeeeee Kefir