July 5, 2010

А вот и я! Меня замучила совесть и я решил выложить,
наконец, очередную порцию ориентал электро мьюзик!
Знакомьтесь - Ahmed Fakroun - пионер арабского диско и электро,
рожденный в Ливии, путешествовавший по всему миру,
басист по образованию, вокалист по призванию!
Не буду вдаваться глубоко в его биографию -
любой владеющий хоть чуток английским найдет его
историю в рецензиях на дискогс.

Этот альбом мы с братом купили у Basso с дружественного
блога "the growing bin". Пластинка, гипер редкая и дорогая,
выходила на культовом французком лейбле Celluloid в 1983 году.
Я выложу мои любимые песни с альбома (почти все)
Думаю всем более менее известен трек
"Soleil Soleil" - чистый хит, на который не так
давно сделал эдит Prince Language, и на который в
80-е был снят потрясающий клип - смотри здесь.
На альбоме есть только один более-менее
близкий к нему по стилю трек под названием "Gelty".
Все остальное очень пестро -
от мрачно нью-вейверского "Jama El F'na"
и поп-буги-электро "Love Words" и "Kalimat Hob"
(два почти идентичных трека в разных
аранжировках и на разных языках) до реггийного
"Fil Moden El Kibira" и еще нескольких уж совсем этно песен..
Дальше - слушайте, но будьте осторожны -
работы Ахмеда имеют свойство надолго залипать в голове :)
Here i am! Finally i decided to publish another batch of
oriental electro music!
Ahmed Fakroun - a pioneer of arabian disco and electro,
born in Libya, traveled around the world, worked with many
world class producers. I will not go deep in his biography - you can easily
find it in the reviews on discogs.

Me and my brother bought this LP from Basso
(from friendly blog "the growing bin")
This album is hyper rare and expensive.
Issued by cult french label Celluloid in 1983.
I will post my favourites (almost every track).
I think, the more or less known track from it is "Soleil Soleil",
which was recently re-edited by Prince Language. It's also exist a
marvelous video on that song from 80's - you can find it here.
Only one track from this album is similar to
this by style and mood - it's called "Gelty".
Everything else is very colorful - from the dark new -wave "Jama El F'na"
and pop-boogie-electro "Love Words" and "Kalimat Hob"
(two nearly identical tracks in different arrangements
and in different languages) to reggae'ish "Fil Moden El Kibira"
and a few very very ethno songs ..
So, listen to this rarity! But beware!
Ahmed Fakroun's works is extremely catchy!!!

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Ivan said...

WOW- never thought this would show up! HUGE thanks-

MANDATE said...


the saucer people said...

You, your brother and Basso are stars!!! You wonderful people!

I have been grooving on the Prince Language 'Yo Son' edit on Editions Disco since 2007 but I never thought I would ever hear the original never mind most of the freakin' album!! The edit Prince Language did is quite different from the original and yet he captures the flavour of the track pretty well...just a shame the original is less than 4 minutes long, should be 24 minutes at least! I just want it to play and play!

Man, all these tracks are more addictive than crack, you should really put a warning up, something like "may cause uncontrollable repeat listening"!

Definitely a contender for blog post of the year!

Anonymous said...

SUPERB! Thank you very much.

Any chance of posting the remaining few tracks from the album??

J RAMM said...

yo this shit is CRAZY!

Anonymous said...

big thanks for this gem! could you please post remaining few songs, especially Ya Farhi' Bik.

Tarek Alwan said...

Ahmed Fakroun is a Libyan singer who still produces and He is a pioneer of modern Arabic World Music and recently released a remix called Drago, a collaboration with Mudd (Paul Murphy) produced by Claremont 56

Supal said...

Thanks a lot, your blog is fuckin huge !

Jo/No said...

Ah, muchas gracias!!! Been looking for this ever since i fell in love with Prince Language's edit. I've also posted a few words on Ahmed Fakroun over at my blog and have plans to do it again so your generous sharing comes timely. Even though non of the tracks top the lovely SoleilSoleil or Nisiyan there might grow on me. Come visit my blog some day:


the saucer people said...

Just saw this and thought of how generous you and your brother were for sharing high quality rips from such a rare album.....so here is a 320 rip of the Drago remixes in case you have not heard it yet:


Speaking personally, it is all about the Mudd remix for me...pitch it up 10% or so and you have a progrock psych-disco groove of the highest quality.

By the way, the above link has nothing to do with Kefir80s blog and is just myself providing a link to a rip....the more people who hear the MP3, the more people who buy the record!

the map is not the territory
the menu is not the meal
the MP3 is not the record/cd

V ! said...


while listening to Jama El F'na & Soleil Soleil Ahmad Anaqeya thy flashback just arrived - although it has "no" connection. Why don't share it with you guys here.


Ahmad Anaweya - Salametha Omm Hassan

V ! (Oozlum)

Oh and thanks for Mudd remix, Saucer pppppllllll!

Anonymous said...

Yo, Nice find. Was looking to buy this. It costs over a 100 euros! Anyway thanks for ripping, and lovely blog.

Anonymous said...

props for uploading this!

bwana said...

S h o k r a n!