October 2, 2010

Получил немного пластиночек :)
Вот эта просто мега!
Кавер на хит группы Temptations 1968-го года
от нью-йоркской команды Play By Numbers.
Первая сторона напоминает такое мутант-диско аля
Ze-Records, а "Ready Mix" это настоящий авангард -
в середине начинается почти acid-house jam!
(Нашел его на одном из миксов от Metro Area)
Receive some records :)
This one is a pure winner!
Cover version of the Temptations song from 1968 by
new-yorkers Play By Numbers.
First side reminds me some mutant-disco like Ze-Records,
while the "Ready Mix" is a real avantgarde
turning into almost acid-house jam in the middle!
(This one by the way featured on a Metro Area mix)

Play By Numbers - Cloud Nine (Ready Mix)

Play By Numbers - Cloud Nine

5 коммент.:

Anonymous said...

не помешал бы даб-микс на сторону В. мне эта сторона больше понравилась: продакшн потоньше, и все-таки айсид вставка на стор. А слишком брутальная.

the saucer people said...

This is one of the best 'old' records I have heard all year! You are so kind to share it with us.

Both versions are amazing in my opinion and you are right, the 'Ready Mix' break in the middle has such an early acid jackin' feel to it and I love the way the music kicks in after it.

Definitely one of the best versions of a sixties soul track I have ever heard. There seems to be no information about who was responsible for this record and according to Discogs, the label 'Ice Water' only ever released this single - a total mystery!

What is also strange is the fact the guy doing the spoken word parts has an English London cockney accent though its from New York, very unusual but again, its a pretty unique record and very reasonably priced with VG/Near mint copy going for £10 or £11 pound on Discogs (though one seller in Germany is asking 113 Euros for a mint copy!!)

PS > Like the direct Divshare download and the cool little logo in the flash player! Good to see you back posting, it can be hard to keep it up sometimes, I know I struggle to post regularly all the time - best to do it in bursts then have a break otherwise it becomes a chore not a pleasure!

Alien Delon said...

Hey Paul!
Thanks a lot for your kind comments!
See - i'm out of country for 1 and a half months - so i really unable to post anything, as all my records are in Moscow :))
I will post new ones soon, stay tuned!


da minista of house said...

Hey man,

Just wanted to thank you for posting this! I've been looking for this on the internet for YEARS! My friend used to have this 12 inch and when he passed away I wasn't able to even find anything about this song or the artist online. You are a friggin' beast for posting this!!! God bless!

Max Db said...

Well, well.
This is Doug B. That's me 'vocals' (& +).
The other dude was Harley Fine, who I believe is still working studios in New York.
I'm in Hawaii. But, yes, as commented, originally London ...