August 19, 2010

Всем привет!
Я сделал очередной Edit на одну из моих
любимых английских групп - Escape From New York.
Почти все их треки пережили возвращение из небытия
в последнее время благодаря регулярному появлению
в диско блогах и переизданиях. Все кроме этого..
Won't Be Your Fool выходил на их более позднем EP
и не существует в инструментальной версии.
В оригинале поют так много, что он практически
не играбелен в клубном пространстве,
хотя сам трек очень крутой!

Ну что же - двадцать шесть лет спустя ситуация исправлена :)
Hello everyone!
I made another re-edit in series.
This time on the one of my favourite UK bands -
Escape From New York.
Almost the all their songs recently experienced
a return from oblivion due to the regular
appearance in the disco blogs and reissues.
Except this one...
"Won't Be Your Fool" was issued on their
latest EP, and there is no instrumental version..
Original version has too much vocals in it
to be playable at the modern party,
although the track is really cool and
also featured the John Faletti's amazing
bass playing technique!

So, 26 years later it's changed..

Escape From New York - Won't Be Your Fool (Alien Delon Foolish Dub)

My edits on the Soundcloud

2 коммент.:

Premini said...

Great work dude!

the saucer people said...

You are right, this is one Escape From New York track that I have never heard of. They really were so ahead of their time which explains why they got little recognition at the time.

Love the minimalist vibe on the re-edit though having not heard the original all I can say is it works really well as a track in it's own it when the synth and voice textures come in before it drops back into it's computer groove and the "wo-wo-wohs" of the voice sound great!

Man, you are getting so good!