December 31, 2010

Новогодний подарок всем читателям КЕФИРА!
Редкий library релиз от Slim Pezin участника
французского диско коллектива Arpadys
на лейбле Tele Music.
Поверьте, вы не найдете его больше нигде..
Выключите звук у вашего телевизора и загадайте желание!
New Year's gift to all KEFIR readers!
Rare Library release from Slim Pezin -
a member of french discoband Arpadys -
via the Tele Music label.
Believe me, you will not find it anywhere else..
Turn down volume of your TV and make a wish!

10 коммент.:

cosmicbreeze said...

Вот это подарок, благодарю...

zencd said...

Какие смачные биты! Спасибо.

Holly said...

Thank you!

Charlie D. said...

so good

cdr italian army said...

thisi sso cool and freshy despite the sound we love of the late seventies and early eighties: very important tracks reaching more than 4 minutes here pezin has found its expressive touch!


the saucer people said...

I thought I had already left a huge thank you for sharing this uber-rarity...must have been wasted and just hallucinated writing the post (it was posted just before New Years Eve after all!)

I have always been a huge fan of the Disco & Co three volumes on Tele Music as well as the basslines he did for Arpadys and Voyage so I have been wanting to hear this album for so long...rarer than rocking horse shit as we say here in England!

An amazing album and I imagine very expensive so once again huge thanks for sharing this.

Tabayo Yatukishi said...

Is it really THAT rare ?! A friend just GAVE it to me (along with Sauveur Mallia's volume 1 and Chantereau/Dahan's volume 3) this afternoon !!! (he wanted to get rid of old LPs he never listened to...)

Magic Robot said...

Love the cowbells . .

Kefir Brasil said...

Very nice Check my blog too Kefir Brasil

Moook said...

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