April 8, 2010

Как было обещано вчера - мои любимые треки
с альбома Federico & The Marrakech Orchestra.
"Cashbah Boogie" - просто гроза танцпола
(кстати голос певицы мне очень
напоминает Minnie & The Pau-Pau - не она ли это? :)),
"Banana" - ускоренный диско трек с живым басом и
запоминающейся мелодией. ну и оригинал "Jeu A Deux".
Альбом целиком ищите в комментариях к предыдущему посту.
Since now i will translate every message myself,
to prevent misunderstandings with my beloved foreign readers:)
As i promised yesterday - my favourite tracks from
Federico & The Marrakech Orchestra LP.
"Cashbah Boogie" - dancefloor sure-shot with amazing lyrics
(btw. the voice of singer reminds me
the Minnie And Pau-Pau - is it she??)

"Banana" - speed-up disco song with
punchy live bass and catchy melody,

and the original version of "Jeu A Deux" of course!
The full album you will find in the comments to the previous post
(thanks Saucer People!)

And also big thanks goes to Basso from "the growing bin",
who sell this wonderfull LP to me!!
Buy from Basso on Discogs!!!

Federico & The Marrakech Orchestra - Cashbah Boogie

Federico & The Marrakech Orchestra - Banana

Federico & The Marrakech Orchestra - Jeu A Deux

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zolono said...

[quote]Keyboards , Synthesizer - El Tonet* [/quote]
на этом альбоме TONET отметился?

Anonymous said...

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Спасибо огромное за музыку!
DJ Pompeh

Alien Delon said...

Just now listening to your great show!
Great music!

the saucer people said...

Yea! This is a better quality rip than the album I posted, good to see we agree on the best tracks! I hope you are going to sprinkle your magical re-editing fairy dust on the other two tracks at some point in the future, you know it makes sense.

That cover is just awesome isn't it! So wrong that you know its got to be right! I think I may get it printed up on a teeshirt in time for our crap English summer ;)

Yea! Basso! He is the music man isn't he! I love his posts over at The Growing Bin, he has turned me onto such strange and beautiful music. You just know when its a Basso post that you are in for a good ride, regardless of the 'genre' of the music he posts...I had no idea he sold stuff on Discogs so thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

Did u get these frm a fat Chinese :))

awesome selection

thousand Thanks

Funkacise said...

♥ ♥ ♥

the saucer people said...

Wow, has it been five and a half years since my last comment! I still remember Kefir80s as one of my favourite blogs and when I saw the Federico album posted in FLAC on another great blog, I thought it was worth posting a link here!


Hope you are well and let me know if you ever start a new blog up!